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We are a 25-year old company in the metal business with extensive knowledge among our personal.

Our target is to, in co-operation with our customers, lower costs through process development realizing lower energy consumption and less time-off production using long-life products.

We serve the market with technical consulting and supplies, mainly for primary metal manufacturers, products with high-tech values.

Examples from our product catalogue :

The long-life PGC-steel, used for various products according to customer specifications, in tough environments as liquid metal. Among these can be noticed, casting tubes for low pressure casting, dies, tubes, pouring spouts for copper production, etc.

The NOBEL-priced temperature measurement equipment BEROLIV, which is delivered for fixed, manual and automatic modes, in usage both for continous and discontinous measurement.

The Flux A-412-1, used for reduction of slags when melting Al- and Cu-alloys to increase metal yield, reduce metal inclusions thereby reducing scrapping of material downstream and lowering energy consumption.

Furthermore, except these main area products, we deliver also graphite components, fibres, refractory material according to customer requirements.